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Why Bath Julez


Since 2011, I have worried, cried, stressed, and struggled with what I could use on and around my youngest son. You see, at 6 months of age, we found out he had MAJOR allergies (eggs, peanuts, shrimp, and everything environmentally except mouse dander and roaches) and skin issues (eczema to the point of bleeding). He LITERALLY is allergic to life. Everything you see outside (trees, grass, flowers, pollen, etc) he is allergic to and if ANY of it touches his skin, he becomes one giant festered rash!  In 2017, I had a shelf in my armoire solely assigned to his medicines and skin ointments / lotions. To give you a better idea, that's about 100 containers (bottles, jars, tubes, etc) for a 6 year old child!  The majority of these contained steroids, immune system blockers/inhibitors and a slew of other ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce; and although we were using them regularly as directed, my son was CONSTANTLY itching to the point that his skin was bleeding. BLEEDING!! His eyelids were cracked, his lips always chapped, the points where his earlobes attach to the head were scabbed up sores, and his skin looked so bad that the kids in his school either teased him or were scared to go near him. I had had enough! I started doing my own research on natural treatments for allergies, asthma, and eczema. After months (and months) of studying I decided to start making ALL-NATURAL alternatives to everything he comes in contact with on a daily basis.

Changing things in HIS life meant changing things in THE FAMILY'S life. Needless to say, after switching things up at home and using all-natural products (that I made) on his skin; my son no longer looks like he has fallen in a briar patch. His eyes are not swollen and red on a daily basis. He doesn't wake up numerous times a night because of the excessive itching. And I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on doctor's appointments and chemical filled medications each month.  The school nurse and teachers constantly tell me how GOOD he looks now!!!

I have seen the benefits of using all-natural bath & body products and want to share those benefits with YOU! Every item I sell has been used in my home by my family & friends. I don't want anyone to soak in a bathtub filled with chemicals from their bath bomb, exfoliate their skin with chemicals, or spray themselves or home with something that ends up with them inhaling chemicals!

As you look through my products, please let me know if there is something in particular you need. I am ALWAYS open to requests. I can also accommodate bulk and / or custom orders. Baby showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, birthdays, teacher gifts, raffle baskets, party favors, thank you gifts, etc. If you have a need, I can make it happen. I add new products regularly so please check back frequently for new goodies!