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Collection: Linen Spray

No one wants to relax anywhere that is covered with chemicals, toxins, and artificial scents.  Our linen spray can be used anywhere!  

  • freshen the couch to get rid of the slightly stinky dog smell
  • use while ironing to help get rid of wrinkles and lightly scent clothes
  • spray sheets to deodorize them between laundering
  • revive draperies and curtains
  • stretch out the time between dry cleaning garments
  • freshen the towels and linens in a guest room before a visitor arrives
  • get rid of any stale smells on blankets and sheets that have been cooped up in a linen closet
  • refresh blankets
  • deodorize the inside of your car
  • scent your pillow before bed for a sound night’s sleep
  • spray upholstered furniture and pillows to not only freshen, but also change the atmosphere in a room (such as, energizing scents in the morning and relaxing, calming scents in the evening)
  • apply to entry rugs to greet guests with a fresh, welcoming scent as they entire your home
  • refresh clothes that have been hanging in your closet for too long, adding a subtle scent that can substitute for perfume
  • use as an air freshener
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  • Sleepy Time Pillow Spray- Pillow Spray for Relaxation and Sleep
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