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Vanilla Lemongrass Lotion Bar
Vanilla Lemongrass Lotion Bar
Vanilla Lemongrass Lotion Bar

Vanilla Lemongrass Lotion Bar

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Perfect for all skin types! Made with olive oil that's been infused with dried lemongrass, vanilla and lemongrass essential oils, and the finest quality beeswax, shea butter & coconut oil; this lotion bar is a superior moisturizer AND can relieve numerous other issues like pain & swelling!  

Lemongrass is a tropical, grassy plant used in cooking and herbal medicine. Extracted from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant, lemongrass oil has a powerful, clean, citrus scent; and is often found in soaps and other personal care products. There’s just something about its unique earthy smell that’s both relaxing and energizing!

When applied topically, the Lemongrass essential oil in this lotion bar has numerous skin benefiting properties:

  • antibacterial: Lemongrass is used as a natural remedy to heal wounds and help prevent infection.
  • anti-fungal:  Lemongrass oil is an effective deterrent against four types of fungi. One type causes athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch.
  • anti-inflammatory:  Chronic inflammation is thought to cause many health problems, including arthritis.  Lemongrass contains citral, an anti-inflammatory & pain relieving compound.
  • pain relief:  Lemongrass essential oil is prized for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and muscle relaxing qualities. When massaged directly into the skin, lemongrass essential oil provides relief for everything from minor skin irritations to muscle pain and fatigue.
  • bug repellent:  Lemongrass essential oil contains organic compounds called aldehydes which are a natural bug deterrent. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and many other biting insects are repelled by Lemongrass’ natural repellency.  Lemongrass is an effective alternative to chemical-based pest control products.

Aromatherapy is another great benefit of this lotion bar.  Once applied to the skin, the lemongrass fragrance can help boost mood and relieve feelings of nervousness and anxiety. In addition to these uplifting and relaxing qualities, lemongrass essential oil helps with headaches, body aches, and mental exhaustion as well.

This product is made with 100% all-natural ingredients and can be used on the entire family. 

Lotion Bars are less greasy than liquid lotions and do not take as long to absorb into your skin. They are completely natural with no preservatives.  This blend yields a bar that can be handled easily without making a mess, but melts on contact to soothe and create an emollient barrier while nourishing the skin.

SIZE: 2 oz & 4 oz

Packaging: comes in a metal tin for easy storage

Directions: Rub between your hands (like a bar of soap) to transfer the lotion to your hands and then rub the lotion into your dry skin everywhere. The natural warmth from your skin softens and melts the lotion for application.  Once done, put the lotion bar back in the tin until the next use.
*Tip: For dry, rough, and/or cracked feet; rub the bar on the soles of your feet at bedtime and put on clean socks. You will be amazed how they feel in the morning!

Ingredients: Beeswax, essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil.